Boost Your Instagram Profile With These Tips For 2018

Boost Your Instagram Profile

Are you looking for new strategies to improve your business profile on Instagram? Despite being a new bird in the social media arena, Instagram users hit its highest 700 million users by the end of 2017. Behind this growth in numbers is a strong realization among investors that social media is the most reliable and efficient strategy to reach prospective clients.

Getting followers on Instagram is no longer a breeze with old tactics. The game has advanced and so should your strategies. Here are five techniques to beat Instagram algorithm and get followers to boost your sells.

Invest in an Iconic Irresistible Complete Instagram Profile

Your business profile is the first thing people see and decide whether to hit the “follow” button or try elsewhere. With a compelling profile, they will remain glued to your business profile, follow, like and share with friends to see. How do you achieve that? Here are the dirty little secrets:

  • Develop an unswerving brand story that not only engages your followers but also make them devoted.
  • Maintain consistency in aesthetic Instagram posts by planning early.
  • Use new story highlights for brand introduction
  • Your Instagram bio should be eye-catching

Invest in Instagram Stories

Organic search success for regular Instagram posts is declining. The game changer in 2018 remains to be Instagram stories as they appear on Instagram explore page. Furthermore, your nonfollowers can also view your stories, different story locations, and hashtags. Who knows, they would like your story and become followers.

There are two things to include in your story to make it more visible to the public:

  • Story hashtag by typing the tag or using hashtag sticker
  • Story Location hashtag using location sticker

Use the Right Hashtag

In 2017, we witnessed “Instagram Shadowban” that hid users’ posts from showing up on repeated hashtags. While the Instagram hashtags are safe to use now, new game rules have been introduced. To navigate the rules and get followers do the following:

  • Use hashtags relevant your product’s category.
  • Utilize purposeful hashtags that describe your business, location and target audience.
  • Engage with hashtags used by your target group to get traffic back.
  • Vary your hashtags with new posts

Market your Instagram Account on Other Platforms

In addition to circumventing Instagram algorithm and optimizing your content, promote your account outside. Nothing stops a curious mind from looking for you on social media once they see and like you online. You can market your business through podcasts, blog posts and feature in the press.

Boost Instagram Posts

With the decline in organic reach, boosting your posts on Instagram is essential. Running Instagram ad campaign is a walk in the park but can be nerve-wracking for first-time users. Once you create the post, and hit the “promote” button after posting, Instagram does the rest by pulling in a “similar audience”. Moreover, you can develop your audience based on age, gender and location depending on your products and services.

All above said and done, social media tools and strategies will continue advancing at breakneck speed thanks to cut-throat competition between networks and businesses. Instagram remains a force to reckon with in online marketing.

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8 Responses to Boost Your Instagram Profile With These Tips For 2018

  1. I’m still wondering, How can I create and browse Instagram on my Desktop? I’ve tried visiting the website but it is providing the apps for smart phones and I don want Instagram on my mobile phone instead my work pc.

    • Matt Hodgson says:

      Hi there, you can still access Instagram from your desktop or laptop – simply go to and enter in your Instagram account details on the right hand side of their landing page, or you can connect and login using your Facebook account.

  2. I want to boost my website’s Instagram profile. Is the procedure same for brand account?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. BillSandy says:

    Great tips – great help, thank you mate!

  4. french open says:

    I am using BlueStacks to brows Instagram on my PC. is there any security issue there ?

    • Matt Hodgson says:

      We’re not aware of any security issues, however, you can browse Instagram directly from your browser – no need for an emulator.

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