July 2015 Poll Result: How do you currently create most of your content?

Here are the poll results for July 2015. Thanks to 2,680 people who took time to take our poll.

Question was: How do you currently create most of your content?


  • I hire someone. 1323/2680 (49.37%)
  • User-generated content. 1262/2680 (47.09%)
  • I do it myself. 95/2680 (3.54%)

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10 Responses to July 2015 Poll Result: How do you currently create most of your content?

  1. Those are very unique responses and active engagement I have seen. Steve Thanks mate.

  2. Riley says:

    It must not be the format of responses of how do you use your content , but there should be a categorization of jobs like link submission, image posting, directory submission,social media marketing, e-mail campaign etc.

  3. I’m from Austria and here hiring someone can get really expensive so i tend to do things myself.

  4. I find Fiverrr really useful, all the gigs are $5 and some people write between 5-10, 500 word articles for that little, means your paying about a dollar per article which would usually take you more than a dollar of your time 🙂

    • Steve Baik says:

      I agree that Fiverr can be cost-effective, but you really have to keep an eye on the quality of work being offered.

      This is why seeing work samples is important.

      • Yea i agree Steve, i used this service for a bit but was fed up searching through them and finding a lot of spelling errors and poor language.

        I think use your imagination and inspiration and your sorted !

  5. i had engaged myself doing this task usually i go with guest blogging on fashion related websites. Thanks Steve for your suggestion.

  6. Really This blog is awesome! I was searching over search engines and found your blog site. Well I like your high-quality blog site design plus your posting abilities. Keep doing it.

    • Matt Hodgson says:

      Thanks for the feedback Max – we really appreciate this type of input – if there are any digital marketing topics you would like us to cover, please let me know.

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