How Has the Google Penguin Updates Affected Your Site?

The results are in for our July/August poll. Thanks to over 1,500 people that participated in this poll.

Question: How has the Google Penguin updates affected your site?

  • What is a Google Penguin? 1332/1503 (89%)
  • Lost rankings 101/1503 (7%)
  • No change 49/1503 (3%)
  • Gained rankings 21/1503 (1%)

I have to admit – I was pretty surprised by the results of this poll. An overwhelming 89% of the visitors who took the poll had no idea what Google Penguin was. If you follow SEO at all, it’s a highly-discussed topic nowadays. It is one of the biggest Google algorithm updates of recent times, so you should definitely keep up to date on it.

Our previous newsletter article discusses the Google Penguin update if you would like to learn more about it.

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3 Responses to How Has the Google Penguin Updates Affected Your Site?

  1. Josh Trenser says:

    Folks, to be honest, Penguin killed almost all my seo efforts. SIGH…

  2. SEO Company says:

    Interestingly enough…some of our clients dropped in ranking and others stayed the same. Very hard to sort out. Webmaster Tools said nothing about poor quality links, so there was no reason for the drop.

  3. Jacob says:

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