Take the Right Approach to Guest Blogging

If you want to get noticed online today just having a website or even a few social profiles isn’t going to cut it. Every business in your industry is doing the same thing. In order to stand out and improve SEO efforts you will need to be creating content on a regular basis. Good content will get noticed by target audience members and search engine spiders alike. For SEO purposes content marketing is essential because it helps build links pointing to a site and delivers traffic. Creating fresh content on your own blog is a great start but eventually it’s important to branch out and start to look for guest blogging opportunities. It’s just important to have the right priorities when it comes to guest blogging. Don’t just guest blog to get a link.

The search engine algorithms are always changing and one of Google’s most recent targets are the sites that build “unnatural” links. Links that once passed value on to your site are now irrelevant and have been eclipsed by somewhat “new” ranking signals like social signals. You need to be careful when it comes to the next “hot” link building tactic, one of which at this time is guest blogging. It’s very possible that guest blogging could be viewed as a kind of link exchange (frowned upon by the search engines) if you aren’t doing it properly. There’s a right way and a wrong way to approach guest blogging. Contributing the same guest post to many different sites could raise a red flag. The perceived quality of the post also matters. If it’s only a couple hundred words- where is the value in that? It also matters where these articles are getting posted. If they are just going to any content site that has a broad reach and isn’t industry related that may also be cause for concern. If you only have one article/post on lots of different sites it appears that you are just doing it for the link and nothing more. The correct way to approach guest blogging is to contribute content to industry relevant sites regularly over time. This conveys that the posts are there to build brand awareness and that there is an obvious relationship with this website owner that has grown over time.

Approaching guest blog posting with the wrong intentions and just looking for a way to build links often backfires because the quality of the guest blog post usually suffers. The focus is on the link instead of the person that may actually be reading the content. If it’s thrown together in 20 minutes with a few links in the author bio, it’s probably not going to do much in the way of informing target audience members or establishing your business or brand as a trusted expert or source of information. A better approach to guest blogging is going to take much more work.

The best places to submit guest blog posts are on good, quality sites that have a following and are related to your niche. Once you’ve found some spots that you think are good, begin to establish a relationship with that blog owner by commenting on their blog posts, connecting with them in social media, and sharing some of their work within social media. This will get their attention and encourage them to check out your work. If they like what they see they will be more receptive to accepting a guest post from you on their site.

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