As The Seasons Change, So Should Your SEO

Almost all businesses are subject to some form of seasonality. For many companies, sales cycles and other factors are directly influenced by the changing of the seasons. For example a company that sells snow blowers and other snow removal equipment will have a boom come late fall and throughout the winter, but probably won’t have many sales during the spring and summer months. With other companies, seasonality coincides with changes in fiscal years. Accountants and tax preparers have their busiest months from January through April when the deadline to file taxes falls in the middle of the month.

What search engine optimization cannot control is the amount of search volume in a specific niche, which influences both site visitors and conversion rates. However, seasonal SEO can better position your website to reap the benefits of an influx in business due to changes in the seasons. Here are a few tips to help your business use SEO to boost peak sales cycles.

Plan Your SEO before the Season Starts
Take a dance studio for example. Registration for classes usually starts in late August or early September with classes starting shortly thereafter. If the studio wants seasonal SEO to help drive visitors to the website, they can’t start their SEO in August hoping it will have a profound effect on their end of summer registration period. Instead the studio should focus on building their SEO strategy and creating and promoting content in May or June (right after the dance season is over) so that their company is well positioned in the SERP’s and so that the search engines have a plethora of content to pull from. That way when parents start doing their research in August the studio will have a strong online presence.

Work on SEO Continually Through the Off-Season
The off-season doesn’t mean that SEO gets to take a vacation. The company that that sells snow blowers will be competing heavily for business during the winter months, but will see a lot less search volume and competition over the summer. The lull in traffic and sales is the perfect time to work on link building and planning your SEO for the upcoming busy season. Use the time off to build links, optimize pages, and schedule content out months in advance to avoid scrambling to build SEO at the last minute.

Hold on to Content for the Following Year

Search engine optimization, much like wine, improves with age. A page builds more trust the longer it has been online. Plus, search engines rank individual pages and not the website as a whole. This means the more optimized pages of content you have, the more trust you build with the search engines. Even if the pages you optimized for this year’s busy season didn’t perform as well as you hoped, leave them up and let them age over the course of the next year. That way when the next busy season arrives, your site’s SEO will have had time to build and improve.

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10 Responses to As The Seasons Change, So Should Your SEO

  1. Peter Mutiso says:

    This is very true. You need to change you SEO with the changing competitions in your niche

  2. Nina says:

    Thanks for this article! It is a very good advise, especially as we get into the holiday season. Though based on your article it is late to start optimizing my website for this year’s holiday season, but I’ll sure take note for the coming years.

  3. These words are very true “The off-season doesn’t mean that SEO gets to take a vacation.” Hope the website owners knows this they terminate SEO professionals and search engines ranks individual pages has even to be understood by companies the SEO professionals have no experience of the companies business the website they handle the contents are either given by administration or by hired content writers. This is the scenario in India.

  4. SEO Organics says:

    I agree.You need to adapt your seo techniques to the changes that are happening on your business.We need to continue working on seo on off season to prepare for the busy season.Thanks!I learned a lot.

  5. Thanks for this article, most of companies doesnt measure the importance of seo and how it should be worked on a daily basis. Content and what you propose through your website will help you to get qualified traffic

  6. mélanie says:

    thanks for this very good article, you know SEO is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted terms in the world of marketing.
    the most efficient technic is to adapt to changes made by search engines algorithm.

  7. Melanie says:

    This is very true, seasonal SEO optimize your site for seasonal keywords in order to get more
    visibility in search engine results during a specific period of time.

  8. Thanks for this article, He is a Rich of the information

  9. thanks for this article, its very important to boost your business

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