Marketing Videos Don’t Need to Go Viral

When people think of content marketing, they tend to think primarily about text based content. But what about videos? They can be just as valuable a part of your content marketing as blog posts and articles are. After all, they can attract a different kind of audience. Some people would prefer to watch a video rather than read an article while browsing the web. Due to the popularity of video sharing sites like YouTube, individuals and businesses can upload and share a video in a matter of minutes. Some videos take off and go viral and are viewed by millions of people within a week or even a few days. It looks so easy. Create something awesome and your video will be seen by millions of people, right? Not really. In many cases, it’s hard to know what will “hit” or “miss” with a mass audience. And really, should you be catering to the masses anyway?

Spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to make a video that will go viral isn’t worth it because there really is no magic formula. Trying to force a video to go viral almost guarantees that it won’t succeed. Some marketers think that something funny, quirky, or flashy is a sure bet. But what if your brand isn’t funny, quirky, or flashy? It doesn’t make sense. A marketing video should be created for the same purpose that any content is created, and that is to provide value to your target audience. You don’t want to stray away from that concept just to get attention. Not only will it alienate your current customers, but it will also attract the wrong target audience. Even if they think that your video is funny, they probably will never consider buying your products or services.

A marketing video doesn’t need to be entertaining. In many cases, it probably shouldn’t be. It can be just as valuable, and probably more so, if it is educational and informational. It all goes back to the target audience. What would they like to see that will help to persuade them to buy from you? A restaurant owner might provide a video of a tour of the restaurant. Sometimes pictures on the website aren’t enough. A tour of the dining room, the bar, and the kitchen will help a viewer get a better feeling of the size and the environment. A video interviewing staff members and customers provides a personal connection to a company and allows them to put a “face” on the brand name. Sure, it’s nothing flashy and it won’t become a YouTube sensation, but your target audience will appreciate it.

When it comes to making a marketing video, your best bet is to create something that is valuable to your target audience. If it’s worth sharing, it will be shared. Don’t worry so much about the number of views. Instead, check to see if the video has resulted in an increase in website traffic or conversions. Those are the numbers that really matter.

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