Checking Your Website’s Google PageRank

Just a quick post today folks.

I trust we’re all familiar with the good old Google PageRank? If not, there is a short page about this here

We recently released a tool that checks your Google PageRank from multiple Google data centers around the globe.

What’s this tool for I hear you ask?

Due to the fact that Google is ever changing and the awesome size of the Internet, it can take some time for updates and changes to filter through. We have given the AddMe audience the opportunity to almost predict the future, checking data centers all around the globe for webpage PageRank updates!

Enjoy 🙂

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4 Responses to Checking Your Website’s Google PageRank

  1. netultimate says:

    google page rank changes for every month

  2. ahmed says:

    i want to know my site rank

  3. Adi says:

    what parameters for get the page rank?
    why my site haven’t page rank every time or 0?

  4. Milli says:

    haha!! this is an awesome idea! 🙂

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